LinuxEyes 1.1 pre3 review

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LinuxEyes is the best Linux Console MP3 Player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 442K
Developer: Alexandru Radovici
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LinuxEyes is the best Linux Console MP3 Player. With its special design and fuctions, this player is perfect for every party in the world.

Here are some key features of "LinuxEyes":
The Best Console MP3 Player
Full Integrated Playlist Function
Next song function
Auto Shut Down function
Graphical 10 bands Equalizer, with presets
4 equalizer filters (XMMS, LE06, Winamp, EQF)
4 playlists filters (XMMS, LE03, LE05, M3U)
Resizable Interface
Full Bass - Full Bass Preset (low freqs)
Bass & Tereable - Full Bass & Tereable (low and hi freq)
Clear - Clear sound, good for voice hearing
Hard Bass & Treable - Very String Bass and Hi Treable (bad for speakers)
Pop - For Pop music
Safe - The sound is OK and the neighbours won't bother you (actualy, the speakers like this preset)
Sin - Sinusoid preset (not very good)
Sinus - Sinusiod preset (the goods one)
Treable - Full Treable (you need strong ears and windows for this)

What's New in This Release:
added welcome window for the first time running LinuxEyes
made a rpm distribution
files dialogs are now resizable (after the screen size)
"." entry from files dialog removed, ".." is now the first
fixed display time in playlist for songs under 60 secs (wrong "if" ;))
fixed default playlist name
fixed export playlist edit box
current song name display bug fixed
fixed status bar display bug
fixed file list bug, up to 6000 files now
added song preview function to file dialogs (key: TAB)
playlist artist & song data fixed (31 chars now, not 30)
added fullscreen key (key @)
added ID3 TAG Editor from file dialogs
added player control keys to file dialogs (z,x,c,v,b)
added jump to file to file dialogs (ALT + _)
optimized playlist engine
signed playlist as "LEPL10"
added debug parameter (--debug)
new help engine (help generator)
new Special Function for JazzPIPER (this time I hope it works)
next song selection bug fixed (now keys will work even if all songs are bad)
added show/hide song's numbers function
added song display format function
added show list with JazzPIPER MCD650S Playlist
added version id constants
fixed Shut Down mode from screen saver
fixed version and help generators
fixed help
fixed Next Song display priority (no file 0, next song 1, in filter 2, current song 3)
fixed read keys bugs (getch til ERR)
improved edit, check and list boxses (disabled mode)
added buttons
automatic equalizer function fixed
added ID3 PLUS Tag Editor
fixed previous function
added shut down warining
dded filter options menu
added filter add, load and save functions
fixed playlist options menu bug (playnext problem)
added full m3u import function
added export to m3u function
added terminal size waring functions

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