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Pronto! is a modularized mail client based on Gtk libraries and written in Perl. Here are some key features of "goPronto!": · Ful

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Muhri
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Pronto! is a modularized mail client based on Gtk libraries and written in Perl.

Here are some key features of "goPronto!":
Full MBOX support, Pronto! can import your existing mbox folders and export to mbox.
QMaildir support
HTML Mail (read only)
GtkHTML widget support, still supporting XmHTML by default.
Built-in helpbrowser, as well as mini-browser if using GtkHTML.
A smart addressbook that auto completes addresses for you if you type them partially in the To: field.
Very configurable, tons of options and preferences to choose from.
Message colorization based on quote symbols and their levels.
Accepts command line args for integration with Netscape through Muttzilla.
Spelling and Autospelling support. Compatible with Ispell and Aspell.
Can make use of threads if your version of Perl is compiled with thread support.
Multipart (MIME) support including inbound and outbound attachements.
Hyperlinks that WORK! All mail is turned into a pseudo-html message, with active hyperlinks. http:// ftp:// and mailto: are supported. http and ftp load Netscape, mailto opens a new msg window in Pronto! POP3 compatibility.
Uses the Perl DBI interface now, for database flexibility. You can now use any Perl DBI compliant database with Pronto!. Not just Postgres.
Non-blocking mail transfers. Continue using Pronto! while your mail transfers in the background.
Multiple POP3 Account support.
Filters, including a new message scoring system, useful for maillists.
Header viewpane
Sig support. Each account can have a different sig.
New messages counter
New messages are configured to your preferences
Auto-set reply address based on account used to DL message.
Schedulable message transfers.
Outbox for storing unsent outbound messages.
Context Sensitive menus (Right Click)
Sent Items Folder, Drafts folder.
Message list sortable by From: Subj: and Date: fields (Just click the column header to sort by that column, click again to reverse the direction)
Multiple message selection.
Multiple folders

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