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Pixory project is your personal online photo management and sharing service, running entirely on your computer using your broadband i

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Developer: joe panico
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Pixory project is your personal online photo management and sharing service, running entirely on your computer using your broadband internet connection.

Use it to instantly share photo albums with friends and family across the internet, or to more effectively manage digital photos on your home network.

All Pixory access is through a standard web browser, but Pixory requires no web server setup-- just unzip and run!

Here are some key features of "Pixory":
Requires no installation; just unzip and run
Uses standards-compliant, pure html, interface. Uses no plugins or proprietary extensions.
Has a powerful and flexible sharing model, which can work in both a fine-grained and course-grained fashion.
Web page generation is "on-demand". Html pages are never stored, you do not have to regenerate web pages after making changes to albums. It's a true web "application"-- any changes are always immediately reflected to all viewers.
Supports text input and display in all languages (full Unicode support).
Full localization (l10n) support. Localized for English and German.
Supports browsing with fast automatic image scaling (resizing).
Automatically assigns dates to all photos in an album, from either the file date or the embedded EXIF metadata from the camera/scanner. Allows manual overrides for automatic date settings
Automatically orders album pages based on date. Allows for manual override of automatic page orderings.
Can send graphical email invitations to albums.
Can rotate images.
Can generate thumbnails as a continuous background process.
Has an embedded FTP server for secure drag-n-drop file operations (uploads, downloads, renames, etc.) between the web client and a remote Pixory instance. This server is not simply grafted onto the web application as a separate entity, but is intimately connected with, and controlled by, the web interface.
Integrated "Contact"/email address management.
Comes packaged as either a completely self-contained java web application, or as a Servlet 2.3 compliant Web Application that is ready for hot deploy into a java application server like JBoss or Tomcat.
File upload and file download, for individual images or in bulk archives.
Will run on any operating system that supports a 1.4 java runtime environment (JRE).
Is completely self-contained. Requires no third party packages, aside from the JRE.
Stores all user-entered album data in standard XML, accessible to the user independent of Pixory.
Can display image metadata such as the EXIF information embedded in image files by most digital cameras and scanners.
Is secure. The combination of a web interface and java offer a very secure facade to present to the internet. There are no general serices or hooks into the operating system added by Pixory. The only functionality that is enabled is what you see directly in the web interface.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed bugs:

Selecting any of the arrow buttons on the "Photo Info" page takes you to the "Page Text"
page for a different photo, instead of
taking you to the "Photo Info" page
for a different photo.
Contact selector in the Album Invitor doesn't do
anything when you hit "continue".

Other changes:

Pixory now runs on Java/JRE 1.5.
Added support for multiple Pixory instances in the same container.
Pixory now uses Hibernate 3.1.2

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