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Memory Allocation Checker 0.2.1 Debuggers
Memcheck provides the ability to fault on pointer overrun (read or write) or freed pointer deference (read or write), logs double fre
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Failmalloc 0.1 Debuggers
Failmalloc generates a shared library which can be loaded by LD_PRELOAD or linked at compilation time
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Alleyoop 0.9.2 Debuggers
Alleyoop is a GNOME front-end to the popular Valgrind memory debugger. Alleyoop is a graphical front-end to the increasingly popul
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RefDbg 1.2 Debuggers
RefDbg project is a GObject reference count debugger GObject is part of the glib library (not to be confused with glibc) which forms
GPL (GNU General Public License)
log-malloc 2006-10-26 Debuggers
log-malloc is a simple malloc/free logger
BSD License