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Thin File Putter is a PUT method file uploader

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
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Developer: Thin File
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Thin File Putter is a PUT method file uploader. Thin File Putter makes use of the HTTP PUT method to transfer files to the web server. Traditionally files are uploaded using HTTP POST. The POST method however is not specifcally designed for file upload but the PUT method is.

putterThin File Putter is a multiple file uploader with drag and drop capabilities. It will display a progress monitor while the transfer is in progress and resume interrupted uploads.

With the PUT method, multiple files are uploaded as they are without first combining them into a MIME message. As a result no server side decoding is required.

The upload script merely reads the input stream and writes the data to the hard disk.
Thin File Putter is a cross platform solution, it can be used to upload very large files to any web server that supports the PUT method.

What's New in 1.0.2 Stable Release:
Fixes a bug that resulted in the applet misrepresenting the uploaded file as as zero on certain occasions.

What's New in 2.00 Beta Development Release:
A new progress monitor has been added, and configuration data can be directly embedded into the Web page that contains the applet (instead using a configuration file).
Perl server side handlers have been improved.

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