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rndCiv (Random Civ) are randomized rulesets for Freeciv. If you play freeciv a lot, you'll probably start to find that the games s

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rndCiv (Random Civ) are randomized rulesets for Freeciv.

If you play freeciv a lot, you'll probably start to find that the games start to become the same, they blur into each other and after a while even though you love the game it starts to become boring and too easy.

Well i did, each game becomes a rush to The Republic, Gunpowder and Steam Engine. And one reason for that is that the techtree becomes totally sussed out. But techtrees are arbitrary anyway, and in another slightly different world they would be different. Sure you can download mod packs, but the problem reappears, after a while you learn their techtree, and you're back to square one.

rndCiv, is a solution to this problem. What rndCiv does is blend different genres together to produce unique (but still playable) techtrees. It's not random like Monarchy and Radio lead to Genetic Engineering, that would be silly. It's random like, Sailing could come from Boating, Map Making, Seafaring, Astronomy, or Craftsmanship. So pick two and get on with it.

Because the Techs, Units, Buildings and Governments are bundled into different genera's, then you can get rndCiv to build a techtree (with related Units, Buildings & Governments) for whatever set of genera's you'd like to play with. It's a Meta-Modpack.

This code is beta, it works, it occasionally crashes the server (so save often), it also crashes the client (when you look up the help system for some units - weird), and it's rules need to be fine-tuned.

Quick Start:

For a quick intro, try this command

./rndCiv.pl random4

then read the rulesets in the ./ouput dir

what i do, is symlink the output dir to freeciv/data/rnd and set rulesetdir to rnd

The 'ruleset.summary' file gives a qick overview of the ruleset.

The 'techtree.dot' file can be fed into the dot graph generator....

dot -Tps -o techtree.ps techtree.dot
gv techtree.ps

Then start civ..

./civ --tiles=rnd

and when in the civ server control mode, set the rule dir

/rulesetdir rnd

add other game options to suit, and start


What's New in This Release:
fixed image set bad name bug
oops, diplomats cannot have attacks
fixed some spelling errors for unit graphics
fixed Special effects
tweaked Stonehenge, eek cities with 500+ food production
tweaked Tribal Govt type
It looks like the server fails if FerryBoat is not Land or Sea
I added techlevels to the tech rulesets to speed things up

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