Chemistry software reviews

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KMol 0.3.3 Chemistry
KMol calculates the elemental compositon and molecular weight of compounds from their chemical formula
GPL (GNU General Public License)
chemicalInventory 20060411 Chemistry
Chemicalinventory is a web application that manage the chemical stock in a laboratory-, production- or other facilities, where chemic
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PyDespike 1.0.0 Chemistry
PyDespike is a program to graphically process (ie
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PyMOlyze 1.5.2 Chemistry
PyMOlyze project can analyze the results of quantum chemistry (DFT) calculations
GPL (GNU General Public License)
VICS-II 0.92.6 Chemistry
VICS-II project is the next generation of VICS, which was originally developed by Fujio Izumi and Ruben A
Free for non-commercial use
Bist 0.4.4 Chemistry
Bist stands for bidimensional structures (in italian it sounds like "beast" in english ) and is a chemical drawing tool
GPL (GNU General Public License)
KryoMol 0.6.3 Chemistry
KryoMol project is a KDE based program for visualization and analysis of several chemistry related files
GPL (GNU General Public License)
EPeriodic 2.0.0 Chemistry
EPeriodic project is an electronic periodic table
octopus TDDFT 2.0.1 Chemistry
octopus project is a program aimed at the ab initio virtual experimentation on a hopefully ever increasing range of systems types.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Debyer 0.1 Chemistry
Debyer project takes as an input a file with atom positions and can output x-ray and neutron diffraction pattern, total scattering st
GPL (GNU General Public License)