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JGraph Layout Pro Visualization
JGraph Layout Pro is the next generation of Java Graph Layout engine designed for optimal performance with the JGraph core
Other/Proprietary License with Source
PlotDrop 0.51 Visualization
PlotDrop is designed for quick simple visualisation of 2D data series
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gravetat 0.9.3 Visualization
Gravetat is a gravity and electromagnetism simulator
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PyEphem 3.7b Visualization

Free for non-commercial use
Yet Another Dynamic Engine 0.10.0 Visualization
Yet Another Dynamic Engine (YADE) is an extensible framework that is designed with dynamic libraries in a way that it is easy to add
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MegaTrack 1.4.1 Visualization
MegaTrack is an application that tracks Atlantic and eastern Pacific tropical storms
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Navigatrix 0.6 Visualization
I got the idea for Navigatrix on a recent car trip I took from Massachusetts to Florida
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Peak-o-mat 0.99j Visualization
Peak-o-mat (formerly Lorentz) is a peak fitting program aimed at the fitting of spectroscopic data
GPL (GNU General Public License)
JGraphpad Pro Visualization
JGraphpad Pro is a complete application framework for rapid development of JGraph tools
GOBLIN Graph Library 2.8b9 Visualization
GOBLIN is a C++ class library focussed on graph optimization and network programming problems
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MARIE 0.5.0 Visualization
MARIE project is a robotic development and integration environment focused on software reusability and exploitation of already availa
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Noble Ape Simulation 0.683 Visualization
The Noble Ape Simulation has been developed (as the Nervana Simulation) since 1996 and is a biological simulation software
SImg 051009 Visualization
SImg is a software for astronomical image processing
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Pybliographer 1.3.3 Visualization
Pybliographer is a tool for managing bibliographic databases
GPL (GNU General Public License)
JDiveLog 2.1 Visualization
JDiveLog is an open source diver's logbook for logging scuba dives
GPL (GNU General Public License)
boinc 2.7 Visualization
boinc can be used as a console tool to display information about BOINC projects and working units
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Xrmap 2.33 Visualization
Xrmap is a program running under X that can interactively display portions of the Earth, using the huge CIA world vector map. The Xr
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Optical Ray Tracer 1.0 Visualization
OpticalRayTracer is a free Linux utility that analyzes systems of lenses, it is Xwindows GUI-based. It uses optical principles and
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Visual Automata Simulator 1.2 Visualization

Grace 5.1.20 Visualization
Grace project is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and Motif
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SLFFEA 1.4 Visualization
SLFFEA stands for San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
PHP Polar Tools 0.3 Visualization

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Seismic Unix 3.9.8 Visualization
The CWP/SU Seixmic Un*x (SU) package is a software environment for seismic processing and seismic and wave-propagation related resear
Free To Use But Restricted
Fv 4.4 Visualization
The fv software distribution ships with everything you need to run fv
BSD License
Nano-Hive 1.2.0 Beta1 Visualization
Nano-Hive is a modular simulator used for modeling the physical world at a nanometer scale. The intended purpose of the simulator
GPL (GNU General Public License)