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Sitback is actual just another tar/gzip interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Henrik Witt-Hansen
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Sitback is actual just another tar/gzip interface. It evolved from a bash-script I wrote to handle automated backup's on Linux fileservers.

The script worked ok, but it soon proved difficult and tiresome to make local modifications to the script to handle various problems or differences.

I began searching the web to find a suitable backup tool, and came up with some candidates. But none of them did exactly what I wanted, or they were just too big and filled with features that I did not need.

One of the things I needed was a way of reporting the result of a backup to office peoples So a printed report, readable by non-nerds was required.

In the end, I desided that a homebrew system was required and began to put this little tool together..

Tar has been, and is, one of the best archiving utilities around, at least on small and medium scale systems (which are what I work on), so I saw no reason to abandon tar.

It is known to be stable and produce error-free archives, why should I then start all over and invent another file-storage protocol ?

Sitback works like a kind of super-intelligent script. Just tell it what you want to backup and where to put it.. Sitback takes care of the rest, including finding the tools needed, which compression to use (if you want that), how to handle the archive device, etc. etc.

Sitback will take care of checking the files, verify the archive and maintain a little database, so that you very quickly can find out on which tape a certain file is located, without using the tape.

Sitback can run a single backup operation, or you can ask it to fork into the background and do automated backups (this is where the printed report is nice to have; 'no report..' or report says ERROR '..then call for support').

Sitback has a graphic interface based on ncurses, when you run it directly from the shell. Do not worry if you do not have ncurses. Sitback works fine without.

If you run Sitback as a daemon making scheduled backups, no interface is available, but the logfile contains all important messages.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed bug with mail-sending.. Message body contained standalone linefeeds, violating the standard.
Now using stat64 (if available) to allow for large files (larger than 2GB) in the backup.

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