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w3Chess is a Web- and Mail- based chess board

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Tobias M?ller
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w3Chess is a Web- and Mail- based chess board. I built this to play chess over Internet with my friends. If you play chess via E-Mail, you have several problems:

You need a chessboard in your house for every opponent
You could drop your board down an loose the actual piece positions
You can set a piece wrong and your boards doesn't look like your opponents one anymore

I searched for such programs but the I only found chess-servers, or tools which depends on sql-databases and javascript.
But I hate Java-Script and I hate huge dependencies for small solutions.

Here are some key features of "w3Chess":
few dependencies (it's written in c)
high compatiblity (it's written in c, should also work under unfree Gaming Systems from Redmond)
it should run fast (it's written in c)
it should need less system ressources (do i have to say it ?)
it should display the actual board via (any) Web-Browser (no JavaScript, even lynx should do it)
you should have the moves stored at home (E-Mail-Notifications....)
you shouldn't be able to do wrong moves
you shouldn't do moves if it is not your turn
the administration should be easy (old games are removed after nn days)
the usage should be easy (no "cosmetic" features, easy translation)
you should be able to search for an opponent
your pieces should be at the bottom

Supported languages:

Italian, thanks to Carlo !
Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Fabio !
Spanish, thanks to Pablo !

What's New in This Release:
charset-Tag in Mail-Header

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