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webERP is an integrated suite of web-based business management software

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Phil Daintree
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webERP is an integrated suite of web-based business management software. webERP software covers accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management and general accounting requirements. The key differences with webERP are:

Complete commitment to the reliability and integrity of the data
Accessibility that only internet based software can afford
Flexibility that comes with having the freedom to the software and with code written so accessibly
No license or maintenance costs! Courtesy of an active open-source community backing the ongoing development of the system

Reliability is the Number One Priority

An accounting system, more than any other system, needs to be reliable. Without reliability and solid integrition, business management software becomes the source of confusion rather than the authority on what is happening in the business. For this reason "reliability" and the integrity of the data produced is the primary focus of the development team.

A key advantage in ensuring that this fundamental requirement of business software is acheived is the extraordinary scrutiny of critical and highly skilled coders that has been given to webERP's open-source code-base.

Since the intial release of the code in 2003, webERP has been refined and extended but always closely controlled keeping strictly to the original aims - chief among them being reliability!

webERP is built upon the most enduring and solid of software infrastructure - dependencies are deliberately minimised. The PHP scripting language now one of the world's most popular languages - itself an open-source language which has grown alongside the legendary Apache web-server. webERP uses the PHP native interfaces to Postgres or Mysql RDBMS interfaces for the absolute maximum speed and efficiency to the most respected names in the RDBMS industry. Mysql particularly runs some of the largest web-based databases in the world.

Accessibility for Employees and Customers from Anywhere

75% of all people in the world have access to the internet.
It pervades our daily lives now having quietly infiltrated over the last decade.
There are internet cafe's in most cities of the world and many cell-phones/PDAs have internet access that business people carry.
A web-browser now represents a very familiar environment for most users.
A web-based system avoids the requirement for expensive VPN type infrastructure and represents the most accessible network for everyone.

The convenience and value of being able to get the correct business answers literally from anywhere in the world is a major driver for most business software now turning to web-based applications - especially due to the increasing globalisation of business.

Flexibility for Companies, Employees and Customers

With so little dependency on operating systems or hardware webERP can be installed on any operating system that can run PHP - that means a choice of any the main operating systems - Microsoft, Macintosh, Sun, Sco, HP or any Linux distribution.

The business is not limited or restricted to one hardware or software vendor - avoiding vendor lock in
Open-source code means that the code itself is available to the business to adapt to its requirements or extend to work in just the way the business wishes it to work. In proprietary systems the code is not available and it is prohibatively expensive to adapt the system to work for the business
Extensive community of knowlege about the workings of webERP is available to tap into
As PHP is one of the worlds most popular scripting languages - there are many with the skills to learn webERP code. Indeed a primary objective of webERP is to make the code as understandable as possible to business people.

What's New in This Release:
Translations were included for Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Big5, and Turkish.
Balance sheets and profit and loss can now be found for any period.
Bulk stock transfers were implemented.
The user interface was updated and PostgreSQL support was added.

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