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WyattERP short from Enterprise Resource Planning means total business management software, designed to handle every aspect of your bu

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WyattERP short from Enterprise Resource Planning means total business management software, designed to handle every aspect of your business from contact management to sales/orders, fulfillment to shipping, invoicing to accounting, from vendor management to purchase orders, receiving to inventory, human resources to payroll, in one fully integrated solution.

Traditionally, there have been three methods to achieve a true ERP. Grow your own software from scratch, try to integrate a diverse set of existing commercial applications, or pay for a commercial ERP system.

Off-the-shelf ERP systems always seem to have a pre-determined set of business rules in mind. The problem is, they may not fit your business. So either you change the way you do business, or the ERP may not work right for you.

Integrating existing applications seems like the easiest way to get a custom solution, but it is much harder than it sounds. Each application typically has its own way of storing data, its own API, and its own operational methodology. Furthermore, application providers seldom make it easy to get into the internals of their application--a must for a true integration project. And when applications are not seamlessly integrated across the business, it makes it difficult-to-impossible to query data across a wide range of sources and parameters.

Growing your own software seems the only way to achieve true custom integration. But the size of the task has made it next-to-impossible for all but the largest enterprises. Companies have emerged claiming to be able to produce a custom solution for you, but it seldom works out as good as it sounded in the sales presentation. And more troubling, you get left with a product your own people don't know how to maintain or extend. You are locked into your original provider for ever whether you like it or not.

WyattERP has released a set of tools created for the purpose of making it possible for even a small enterprise to develop its own fully-functioning ERP system. Your own IT people can learn to use WyattERP tools to make a database-driven system to run every aspect of your business. You can design your own system that runs according to your company's way of doing business. You will own and understand your design so you can maintain and extend it as much as you like.

Wylib and Wyseman are open source tools used for creating fully customizable, affordable ERP solutions on a Linux platform using the PostgreSQL database backend and the Tcl scripting language. Wylib provides an easy to use, robust, application framework. Wyseman provides a way to create database models using user defined schema files. Wylib and Wyseman interact with the PostgreSQL database to provide a starting point for a seamless ERP solution.

Wylib and Wyseman are released under two licensing options. This dual license allows for a fair exchange, or Quid pro Quo, to take place between the licensee (you) and the licensor (WyattERP). The source code for Wylib and Wyseman is identical for both licenses.

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