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Openbravo is an ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies

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Openbravo is an ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies. Its database structure is originally based on Compiere. Openbravo uses a fully Web based client/server architecture, and can be used from any Web browser.

It has support for PostgreSQL and Oracle database back-ends. Openbravo project is currently available in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

Here are some key features of "Openbravo":
Fully Functional
Openbravo includes the full suite of functionalities that are common nowadays in an extended ERP: procurement, warehouse, project management, manufacturing, sales and financial processes. Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) are built in as well. Openbravo is already in production in companies spanning several industries, including distribution, services and manufacturing.

Truly integrated, truly an ERP
Openbravo is different from other 'ERP solutions' that piece together independent modules, often resulting in unnecessary complexity and unstable interfaces. From the start, Openbravo was designed with the whole at heart: all functionalities share a common architecture, philosophy, rules and user interface. Yet, you can still decide if and when you configure or use each functionality provided by Openbravo.

Open Source
Openbravo's open source license permits unrestricted access to the source code and makes it possible for an independent community of IT professionals to provide services without any type of vendor lock-in.
Additionally, Openbravo provides a broad range of functionalities that can be easily customized to fit the common business needs of SMEs. We understand that each company is unique and has its own specific particularities. For these companies, that require a more particular customization, we offer something more: unrestricted access to the underlying source code to tailor to your specific needs. You're not likely to get this kind of flexibility if you license a solution from a traditional vendor.

Revolutionary Architecture
Openbravo is developed around a revolutionary architecture that results in a better way to build software applications. Through a combination of well known standards such as MVC (Model, View, Control) and MDD (Model Driven Development) an abstraction layer has been created that provides the automation of code generation. This strategy enables higher productivity than in other architectures or development platforms. Besides, it provides better quality because the files are coded always using the same rules and style. Consequently, if a specific requirement, not met by the standard solution, needs to be developed from scratch, coders can greatly benefit from a consistent coding framework.

Fast Implementation
Openbravo can be installed in just a few hours. After having your business needs defined, it can be customized to fit them in a matter of days. In just a few weeks you can have your current business information migrated to the Openbravo, integrations with other systems done, specific requirements developed and your employees trained to start working with the new enterprise management system. Openbravo does not require any irreversible implementation decisions. This allows you to go into production faster. Moreover, the system can be easily adapted to changing business needs whenever required and have a flexible deployment of new functionalities.

Best-in-Class Usability
Because Openbravo is a pure web-based ERP users access the application with just a web browser, a well known user interface environment. The user interface is generated based on rules and these are designed to minimize the user learning curve. We continue investing to have the best-in-class usability, adopting the most recent presentation techniques for web applications like AJAX.

What's New in This Release:
This release is a minor release without major developments.
It fixes the fact that the invoicing process does not allow invoicing from a customer schedule after delivery invoice rule orders.
The remittance cancel process now filters organizations correctly.
Multidimensional reports now filter dimensions correctly.
When generating a Spanish bank document, plan date is no longer inserted instead of invoice date.
Mapping classes are no longer duplicated, and other mappings are now correctly implemented.

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