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Gunther 0.6 Beta Widgets
Gunther is a set of PHP scripts that can be deployed on your web server and used to create, manage and easily maintain a website.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Eclipse plugin for Qt 1.0.1 Widgets
Eclipse plugin for Qt manages the generation of Makefiles from .pro files and compilation with make. Eclipse plugin for Qt is expe
Free for non-commercial use
ThinWire 1.2 RC1 Widgets
ThinWire project is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the web that look and feel like the desk
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XMLNuke 2.0 RC3 (PHP) Widgets
XMLNuke is a development framework for Web Application and site content management fully based on XML
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Webframe 0.76 Widgets
Webframe is an easy to use open source framework for developing web-based applications
BSD License
Pirate 0.2.5 Widgets
Pirate is a Javascript Library, a feature rich library and API that allows Javascript developers to write reusable objects in a contr
BSD License
OpenLink AJAX Toolkit 2.0.0 Widgets
OpenLink AJAX Toolkit in short OAT, offers a broad Javascript-based, browser-independent widget set for building rich user interfaces
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Format on Save 1.1.0 Widgets
Format on Save is a Eclipse plugin to automatically organizes imports and formats code when saving a Java editor. This is the exac
GPL (GNU General Public License)
OpenWindows Augmented Compatibility Environment 1.0b3/200610021553 Widgets
OpenWindows Augmented Compatibility Environment (OWacomp) makes it possible to use the older OpenWindows Deskset environment on Solar
SUN Binary Code License
gtk-FLTK 0.3 Widgets

BSD License
gtk-FOX 0.3 Widgets

BSD License
Pyjamas 0.1 Widgets
Pyjamas is a toolkit and library designed to enable writing AJAX applications in Python
GPL (GNU General Public License)