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track2rss 0.4.1 Markup
track2rss project seeks to provide a set of scripts for converting tracking information for packages from various carriers to the RSS
The Apache License 2.0
Papyrus 1.6.2 Markup
Papyrus project is an XML reporting engine for Linux
GPL (GNU General Public License)
xmlclitools 1.61 Markup
xmlclitools provides four command-line tools for searching, modifying, and formating XML data. The tools are designed to work in c
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Jericho HTML Parser 2.3 Markup
Jerich HTML Parser is a simple but powerful java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document, including s
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Yodl 2.04 Markup
Yodl implements a pre-document language and tools to process it
Other/Proprietary License
Amoeba 0.3.5-pre5 Markup
Amoeba is XML-based rapid Web development enviroment written entirely in Java. Amoeba XML Framework is xml based development frame
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Short Markup Language 0.1 Markup
Short Markup Language is an alternative XML notation that is a character by character equivalent with XML. Short Markup Language cov
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PHP Voice 2.1.0 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
RefDB 0.9.8 Markup
RefDB is a reference database and bibliography tool for SGML, XML, and LaTeX/BibTeX documents. RefDB allows users to share databas
GPL (GNU General Public License)
refdb-mode 1.3 Markup
RefDB integrates nicely into Emacs
GPL (GNU General Public License)
eq2png 0.01 Markup
eq2png is a simple Perl script to make it painless to produce Portable Network Graphic (PNG) images for OpenOffice Impress presentati
GPL (GNU General Public License)
t2t 5.1 Markup
t2t is a Perl script that converts standard ASCII text to HTML 4.0 tables
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Apache XMLRPC 3.0 RC1 Markup
Apache XML-RPC is a Java implementation of XML-RPC, a popular protocol that uses XML over HTTP to implement remote procedure calls.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
jFlash System 1.6 Markup
jFlash is a multilingual, web-based flashcard system based on open web standards, PHP, and XML
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
safox 0.5 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Sentensa 2.3 Markup
SENTENSA Knowledge Miner is a platform independent tool for searching any text. SENTENSA uses robust methods of indexing and searchin
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
FOP 0.90 alpha 1 Markup
FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is the world's first print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and the world's fir
The Apache License 2.0
downCast 1.7.2 Markup
downCast converts XML documents valid according to the upCast DTD (and, in fact, any XML document whose DTD can be mapped into the up
upCast 5.4.1 Markup
upCast enables you to use Microsoft Word as an authoring application for XML documents. Take advantage of the widespread availabil
GPL (GNU General Public License)
OpenDaemon 0.7.0 Markup
OpenDaemon (Formerly OpenXMLD) started as an open-source native XML database server, which aims at achieving the following special go
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Zoem 06-234 Markup
Zoem is a macro/programming language
GPL (GNU General Public License)
HTMLTemplate 1.4.2 Markup
HTMLTemplate converts HTML/XHTML templates into simple Python object models that can be manipulated through callback functions in you
MIT/X Consortium License
METAGRAPH 0.2 Markup
METAGRAPH is a small set of macros that help in drawing (un)directed graphs with METAPOST and the boxes package. METAGRAPH project
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MIB Smithy SDK 3.4 Markup
MIB Smithy SDK project is a dynamic Tcl/Tk extension for developing your own SNMP management scripts and SMI conversion tools (with o
RealObjects edit-on Pro Markup
RealObjects edit-on Pro 4 is the market leading XHTML authoring tool. edit-on Pro 4 is a cross-platform in-browser WYSIWYG XHTML/
Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial