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htmloptim 1.2 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
xmlformat 1.04 Markup
xmlformat is a configurable formatter (or "pretty-printer") for XML documents
BSD License
LaTeX::Table 0.0.1 Markup
LaTeX::Table is a Perl module that provides functionality for an intuitive generation of LaTeX tables for reports or theses. LaTeX
GPL (GNU General Public License)
DomSax 1.0.0 Markup
DomSax is an implementation of a XML-parser based on the standard Document Object Model principle (and sun's implementation), co
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
scurvy 1.02 Markup
The name scurvy comes from "screen/script" and "vi/vim" It's a tool that lets you easily write screenplays or scripts in a simple
Free for non-commercial use
xsd2db 0.1.0 Markup
xsd2db package is contributed with LayManSys and is used for converting XML Schema Definition files into DocBook XML code
Free To Use But Restricted
docbooktoc.xsl 0.1.0 Markup
docbooktoc.xsl is a XSLT file for generating a XHTML table of contents from DocBook XML documents
Free To Use But Restricted
inidoc 0.1.1 Markup
inidoc project is contributed with LayManSys and is used internally for documentation configuration files in a so-called INI format;
GPL (GNU General Public License)
docbookm 0.2.0 Markup

BSD License
DocBook Doclet 1.1 (herold) Markup
DocBook Doclet (dbdoclet) creates DocBook code from Java source documentation
GPL (GNU General Public License)
pandoc 0.2 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
EuroMath2 1.4.0 Markup
EuroMath2 project is a platform for editors editing various XML files with multiple namespaces
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
eXcavator 1.0.6 Markup
eXcavator is an XML query processing class for PHP
GPL (GNU General Public License)
REXML 3.1.5 Markup
REXML is a conformant XML processor for the Ruby programming language
Other/Proprietary License
BrightMaRe 0.34.1 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Java Serialization to XML Markup
Java Serialization to XML (JSX in short) translates between Java and XML, making it possible to search, test, profile, and audit your
Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
fig2ps 1.3.6 Markup
fig2ps is a perl script which converts xfig files to postscript or PDF, processing text with LaTeX
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Sax Filter 1.3 Markup

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Hoglet 0.2 Markup
Hoglet allows special markup to be added to text documents so that software documentation can be easily produced. It provides a co
The Apache License 2.0
XML_PullParser 1.3.2 (Namespace) Markup
XML_PullParser moves the API of the PHP XML facility from an event-based model to a token-based model
GPL (GNU General Public License)
CStyleX 0.2.0 Markup
CStyleX project is a tool to generate documentation from XML interface definitions. CStyleX is a documentation system that uses a
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XMLPublication 0.4.1 Markup
XMLPublication project is a collection of tools to generate Web pages from desktop documents or other structured documents, such as b
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XML Extractor 0.3.0 Markup
XML Extractor is a set of tools for transforming XML-like markup into entities or well-formed XML files. The sourcecode XML metada
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
IPSquad Documentation 0.8 Markup
IPSquad Documentation is an XML-based documentation system similar to DocBook. IPSDoc is a documentation system which uses XML
GPL (GNU General Public License)
IDX-DocBook2LaTeX 1.1.0 Markup
IDX-DocBook2LaTeX is a LaTeX stylesheet for DocBook XML. It is written in Perl, using the XML::XPathScript package from AxKit
Artistic License