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InterLOGIC 0.3 Puzzle
InterLOGIC game is based on an old Amiga logic game Balls
Mazesmith 0.7.0 beta Puzzle
Mazesmith generates mazes that may be played through a Web browser or printed for offline use. The maze is fully customizable with
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates for Linux 2.4 Puzzle
Puzzle Pirates is an online game in which you play a Pirate character in an ocean world
KSkippingStones 0.1 Puzzle
KSkippingStones is a puzzle stones game. Jump neighboring stones over one another
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Zoom 1.0.4a Puzzle
Zoom is a player for Z-Code stories or games
GPL (GNU General Public License)
gPlanarity 11496 Puzzle
gPlanarity is a simple puzzle game involving untangling planar graphs for fun and prizes
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Python Kye 0.9.2 Puzzle
Kye is a puzzle game which takes ideas from Sokoban and the genre of falling-rocks puzzle games
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Einstein Puzzle 2.0 Puzzle
Einstein puzzle is a free cross-platform open source remake of old DOS game Sherlock which was inspired by Albert Einstein's puzzle.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Kaiketsu 0.5 Puzzle
Kaiketsu is a simple sudoku solver
GPL (GNU General Public License)
gmbCrossword 0.8 Puzzle
gmbCrossword is an application for making swedish type crosswords
GPL (GNU General Public License)
NGStar 2.1.8 Puzzle
NGStar project is a clone of the HP48 game dstar
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Freecell Solver 2.8.13 Puzzle
Freecell Solver is a program that automatically solves games of Freecell and similar Solitaire variants such as Eight Off, Forecell a
Public Domain
Monsterz 0.7.0 Puzzle
Monsterz is a little arcade puzzle game, similar to the famous Bejeweled or Zookeeper. Monsterz's goal of the game is to create ro
PyScrabble 1.5.1 Puzzle
PyScrabble project is an online, multiplayer Scrabble game. Please note that Scrabble is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc.
BSD License
GLLS 0.7.5 Puzzle

GPL (GNU General Public License)
G.u.e.s.s.o 0.3 Puzzle
G.u.e.s.s.o is a simple guess-the-number game. I was playing this game since years , and I liked its simplicity, it was on my ele
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Block Attack - Raise of the Blocks 1.3.0 Puzzle
Block Attack - Raise of the Blocks is another block fall game based on Tetris Attack. Block Attack - Raise of the Blocks is a bloc
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XBlockOut 1.1.3 Puzzle
XBlockOut is an excellent 3D game of Tetris/Block Dropping
GPL (GNU General Public License)
4st Attack 2.1.4 Puzzle
4st Attack is a game in which you have to try to out-smart your opponent
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Spelled Knights of Light 1.0 Puzzle
Spelled Knights of Light is a bubble clone game with very good-looking graphics. This story began long time ago
Plonx 0.03 Puzzle
Plonx is a simple puzzle game for Linux console. Plonx is a small puzzle game, where you'll have to avoid bombs and collect points
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Hackz 2 2.0.1 Puzzle
Hackz 2 is a CLI like hacking game
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gridlock 1.10 Puzzle
Gridlock is a collection of 30 grid-based strategy board games for Linux, including Ataxx, Reversi, Checkers, Gomoku, Connect Four, a
BSD License
Python Sudoku 0.12.4 Puzzle
Python Sudoku is a text and graphical program (gtk interface) to create or resolve sudokus
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SystemFreak 1.0 Puzzle
SystemFreak is a card-game
GPL (GNU General Public License)