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bf 20041219 Interpreters

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Mica 0.8 Interpreters
Mica is a system for building network-accessible multiuser portable applications
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Argh! 0.2.3 Interpreters
Argh! is an esoteric programming language in the spirit of Befunge, Brainfuck, and friends
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Program Version Switch 1.03 Interpreters
pvswitch is a very tiny program which makes it possible to use different program installations on one machine flawlessly. It's fle
GPL (GNU General Public License)
BScript 0.3 Interpreters
BScript is a (yet another) BASIC interpreter
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Dialogos 0.5 Interpreters
Dialogos lets you automate network communication
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple Forth Interpreter 1.0 Interpreters
Welcome to the SFI website
MIT/X Consortium License
Generic Test Processor 0.79.9d Interpreters

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple Machine Language interpreter Interpreters
SML is a "toy" machine language intended to teach basic processor concepts
GPL (GNU General Public License)
bff Interpreters

BSD License
The Jim Interpreter 0.51 Interpreters
Jim is an opensource small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language
The Apache License 2.0
Open Object Rexx 8.0 Interpreters
This is an excellent widget set for Tcl which retains much of the Tk syntax, but uses curses to render the widgets in a character-cel
BSD License
DL/SQL 1.0.1 Interpreters
DL/SQL is declarative, turing-complete programming language based on top of SQL database
BSD License
WebComp 0.10 Interpreters
WebComp is an experiment on how to compose and configure web-sites from various existing components (static HTML, Java Servlets, Java
GPL (GNU General Public License)
EasySQL 0.0.1 Interpreters

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Java RAM Interpreter 1.0 Interpreters
JAM - Java RAM Interpreter simulates Random Access Machines (RAMs)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
UTF8Script 1.0 Interpreters
UTF8Script provides an additional binary format for Linux: scripts that start with a UTF-8 signature (aka BOM), i.e
GPL (GNU General Public License)
wsdebug 0.1 Interpreters
wsdebug is a debugger for the more or less famous whitespace programming language, coming along with a rather fast interpreter (wsi).
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ghli 0.0.2 Interpreters
ghli is GPMI's Highlevel Language Interpreter, developed to operate under GPMI, though it works as a standalone script interpreter as
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Euphoria Programming Language 2.5 Interpreters
Euphoria is simple, flexible, and easy to learn
Amber for Parrot 0.4.2 Interpreters

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Nemesis Pascal 0.1 Interpreters
Nemesis Pascal is an Pascal interpreter that is: Free Open Source (GPL) Cross-platform (currently Windows and Linux) Nemesis
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Qore Programming Language 0.5.3 Interpreters

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
IronPython 1.0 Final Interpreters
IronPython is an implementation of Python running on Microsoft .NET / Mono
Other/Proprietary License
NodeBrain 0.6.2 Interpreters
The NodeBrain program, nb, is an interpreter of a declarative rule-based language designed for construction of state and event monito
GPL (GNU General Public License)