Version Control software reviews

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Chora H3 2.0.1 Version Control
Chora is our tool for viewing code repositories that are managed using the CVS or Subversion source control systems
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Antmod 1.3.2 Version Control
Antmod is a build management, release management, and repository management tool
Common Public License
EclipseDarcs 0.2.0 Version Control
Eclipsedarcs is a project to develop integration for the distributed version control system Darcs in the Eclipse IDE. Requirements
Other/Proprietary License
RapidSVN 0.9.4 Version Control
RapidSVN is a cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system written in C++ using the wxWidgets framework
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
LinCVS XXL 1.8.3 Version Control
LinCVS XXL is a platform independent graphical interface for the cvs command line client
Free for non-commercial use
CVSPermissions 0.4 Version Control

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Easy SVN Browser 1.07 Version Control
Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ArX 2.2.4 Version Control
ArX is a Revision Control System (RCS), like CVS, Subversion, or GNU arch
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ArchLog 1.2 Version Control
ArchLog is a log-oriented GUI for the Arch revision control system
GPL (GNU General Public License)
monotone 0.30 Version Control

GPL (GNU General Public License)
CVS History 0.8.0 Version Control
CVS History is a Web application for searching the history of CVS actions
GPL (GNU General Public License)
QSvn 0.4.0 Version Control
QSvn is a graphical Subversion Client for Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ViewSVN 0.0.9 Version Control
ViewSVN is a web interface for viewing subversion repositories. ViewSVN provides simple and easy to set up web interface for viewi
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SvnReporter 0.4 Version Control
SvnReporter generates various reports in response to commits happening in a Subversion repository. SvnReporter is intended to be c
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Ant SVK Task 0.0.10 Version Control
Ant SVK Task is a software that can create fully functional support for the SVK SCM tool within Ant build files. If you like to us
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SVN::Web 0.48 Version Control

Perl Artistic License
Distributed Concurrent Versioning System 1.0.3 Version Control

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Subcommander 0.14.1 Version Control
Subcommander is a qt based multiplatform subversion client, diff & merge tool. The goal of the Subcommander project is to build an e
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Submerge 0.14.1 Version Control
Submerge project is subcommanders visual diff and merge tool for text files. Here are some key features of "Submerge": ยท line bas
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SourceSafe for Unix 0.7 Version Control
SourceSafe for Unix (in short SSU) provides command-line access to local and remote Source Safe/VSS repositories through TCP. Requ
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
tkdiff 4.1.3 Version Control
tkdiff program is a merge tool and a graphical diff that runs under Unix, Mac OSX and Windows. It provides a side-by-side view of th
GPL (GNU General Public License)
TkCVS 8.0.3 Version Control
TkCVS is a Tcl/Tk-based graphical interface to the CVS and Subversion configuration management systems
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GNU arch 1.3.5 Version Control
GNU arch is a revision control system, similar in purpose to tools such as CVS, SCCS, and Subversion
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Information Currency Subversion Client 0.0.5 Version Control
Information Currency Subversion project is a command-line client for Subversion repositories that supports the generation of informat
GPL (GNU General Public License)
A Simple Version Control System 0.9.2 Version Control
A Simple Version Control System is an easy to install and easy to to use version/revision control system
MIT/X Consortium License